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Comic Black Rainbow
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If you like drawing, are you always confused because you don't know how to learn to draw? In fact, it is normal to have such confusion...

That's why I made this mini e-book of drawing learning secrets. I hope that these tips for learning to draw and small tests, would help you know how you can use your brain to learn to draw through practical small tests, so the cuties who like painting must not miss this mini e-book!!!

After reading it, some cuties may feel it sounds so simple, but many people can't do it that's why you still need it!!! If everyone can do it, do we still need to talk about it? So after reading it, you must study, practice, and enjoy drawing so that you can draw something amazing!!! 😘😘

Self-study Drawing Tips mini Ebook designed by Comic Black Rainbow✍️✍️✍️


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Learning drawing tips

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